Endurance Plan

Customized programing available for indoor rowing, swimming, biking, skiing and running.  All your endurance needs.


Excellent Coaching

Rowing world champion and seasoned coaches watch each member closely making sure they move correctly and get the best possible workout they can.

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Constantly Varied

Every workout is different:  mixing the distance of each interval, speed and intensity.  The goal is to challenge each member and make everyone a better rower.

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Upcoming Seminars:

February 2-3 2019: Crossfit Pallas Ithaca NY

February 9 2019: Crossfit Rapture Brightwaters NY

February 10 2019: Crossfit Strong Island Merrick NY

Seminars Available

Educate your athletes with proper rowing form, teaching techniques, corrections and programing. Contact Rob or Lizzy for details.

516-457-9414 or 516-592-1456


Engine by Carson

Build your aerobic capacity with customized programing for all your endurance needs.  Including rowing, skiing, swimming, biking and running.